born 1956 in Vienna. live and work in Vienna and Lunz am See a little village in Austria. Since 2007 graduate of the summer academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Bohemia and Kosteletz at Master of Arts Iva Schach-Miechtner and Master of Arts Luiza Staneva; since 2008 life drawing in the Vienna Künstlerhaus, 2011-2013 lessons in Portrait drawing (Artistic Community College); 2015 lessons in oldmaster technic at Master of Arts Prof. Michael Fuchs, Actionpainting Int. Academy of Hortus Niger at Andreas Stasta the Assistent of Prof. Hermnn Nietsch.

born: 30.12.1956
birthplace: Vienna
live and work in Vienna and Lunz am See

Member of the Saatchy-Art-Gallery in London, Member of Projects of Art Galeriestudio38. Numerous exhibitions, Group exhibitions in Vienna Museumsquartier, Temporary Exhibition Baroque Castle Riegersburg, Lower Austria, Budapest, Zürich, Arte Padova, Sizilien, Rügen, Art fair Pris Louvre, Art Fair Cannes, a Nomination by the Leopold Museum and Duration presentations of her artworks are evidence of her artistic presence.


My mainstream is flexibility, not only the physically also the mental, because these are express of life – this is my opinion. With my paintings I express different subject area. My art is a creative process, sometimes emotional and full of colours, sometimes it feels like meditation. Since my childhood I spend my time in the nature. Water like lakes and rivers was always a main part in my life. Water is connected with quality of life and energy. This element influenced my life. Countries rich of wood and lakes or rivers, like Lunz am See, give me the power and energy. This is a place where I can be creative. But also the wide and the waves of the sea give me the opinion to dream and it brings my inspirations. I like to paint female figures and I connect these with the waves. The reason is because the original of life is into the water. So I set women as the representative for the further life. Trees are a next important symbol for life.


is very different like acryl, oil, watercolours, tempera, pastel, mixed technique, gouache but also works with drawing ink, colour pen, coal, pencil und chalk drawing.